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Fairness, Accountability, Prosperity:
Your Trusted Choice for Tax Collector!



Both Videos are located on the "Facts To Know" page

No organization in Indian River County will host a debate for the Tax Collector's race. 


The Tax Collector's race is an OPEN PRIMARY! This means ALL political party affiliations get to vote, and it will be decided on August 20!


You will want to hear what I have to share that is not common knowledge

to the public, that is costing us a fortune!

It will make you want to VOTE BRENDA BRADLEY!

Brenda Bradley
2024 IRC Tax Collector Candidate
Leadership With Integrity
I believe in guiding and inspiring others with a steadfast commitment to honesty, and ethical principles.
Accountable to you
I am committed to ensuring responsibility, transparency, and trustworthiness in every interaction with my team and community.
Leads with a Servant's Heart
I prioritize the needs and well-being of others and demonstrate a commitment to serving and supporting my team and community.
Lives By Service Above Self
I believe in placing the well-being of my team and community before my personal interests, fostering a meaningful and impactful connection.

As Your Next Tax Collector

My #1 Priorities Will Be:


The Tax Collector's Office must be committed to transparency in their operations.  To achieve this, the following measures will be implemented when I become your Tax Collector:

  • All travel undertaken by the Tax Collector travel will be posted on the website quarterly, along with the purpose of travel.

  • The annual budget of the office will also be posted on the website.

  • Salaries and positions will be posted on the website and updated annually.

  • An Office calendar will be maintained and posted on the website.

  • There will be a clear separation of funds and management between Kids Tag Art (501c3) and the Tax Collector's office.

  • For any travel to TALLAHASSEE, the purpose of the trip and the accomplishments that required the travel will be posted on the website.


  • Immediate reduction in wasteful spending.

  • Elimination of promotional advertising worth $50k+ and replace with FREE information outlets such as PSA's, website, and Facebook.

  • No Taxpayer money will be spent on club/association lunches and memberships. 

  • Public Record Requests to be easily accessible and completed promptly.

  • Annual reviews and merit-based increases for each employee.

  • Management salaries should be in line with responsibilities.

  • Cross-training at all levels. Under no circumstances will expensive “independent contractors” be hired or retired employees with high salaries return as “independent contractors" because of a failure to train staff.

  • Sensitivity training will be required for all current and future employees.

  • The State of Florida DOES NOT require you to make your checks payable to the individual elected and no other county does this (it is a branding tactic)! Your checks will be made payable to: Indian River County Tax Collector.


  • Employee retention will be a top priority. 

  • Employees will be valued and respected.

  • Politics will not have any place in the office.

  • Personal name "branding " will stop immediately.

  • Positions will be filled based on experience. 

  • Promotions will be merit-based and given based on the ability to do the job.

  • A QUALIFIED HR Professional will be hired and available to staff.

  • A Succession plan will be put in place. 

  • An environment will be created through sound management where employees will enjoy what they are doing, be confident in their daily job performance, and eliminate managerial practices that create fear and intimidation.

  • No employee will receive "free time" - only sick, vacation, or donated time from another employee will be allowed.

  • Immediate halt to camera surveillance of employees and customers.  Cameras will only be used for what they are intended for office security.

"Please vote for Brenda Bradley for Tax Collector.  Brenda has the financial and operational background to do the job.  She will bring integrity and responsibility to the job.  Brenda has shown strong moral and ethical principles.  I have worked with Brenda on many charitable events where she has shown leadership and the ability to work compatibly with all members of the committees. Brenda would treat her staff with respect and congeniality.  She is a tireless worker with a big heart. Vote Brenda Bradley for Tax Collector!

- Linda Teetz 

"I have known Brenda Bradley first as the Chief of Staff of the IR County Tax Collector's office and as a passionate volunteer in Indian River County.  As a retired bureau chief for Florida USA Today, I spent nearly 20 years writing investigative stories and editorials on Florida politicians.  Brenda is not a smooth-talking politician that takes credit for the success of others; Brenda is the real deal.  She is the better qualified candidate with a better temperament and management style that is greatly needed in our local tax collector's office.  As a banker experienced in financial audits, I am convinced she will be much more frugal and accountable in managing expenses in this office.
I fully support BRENDA BRADLEY for Indian River County Tax Collector without hesitation."

- Connie Bishop

"Having worked with Brenda Bradley for the past six years, I’ve witnessed firsthand her attention to detail, work ethic, and professionalism as a businesswoman. Not only does she work full-time as the Administrator at an Imaging facility, but she also volunteers her time in multiple non-profit organizations and various events throughout the community. She is the most selfless person I have ever met. She’s exceptionally kind-hearted and strives to help others around her succeed. With Brenda’s fourteen years of experience at the Tax Office and her passion for this community, she is the perfect candidate for the job. Please vote for Brenda Bradley as our next Tax Collector for Indian River County."

-Adriana Ramos

Brenda Bradley has my vote!
Brenda Bradley is a fantastic individual with an impressive background and diverse leadership experience. I have had the pleasure of knowing Brenda for over 30 years. In the past several months, I have had the opportunity to witness her strong organizational and management skills on display as the administrator of Indian River MRI / Hope Imaging in Vero Beach, Florida. She has brought a motto near and dear to my heart: “At Hope Imaging, there is always HOPE.” This motto is true because of Brenda Bradley. As a pillar in the medical community, I concur, for she has brought restoration and stability with her meticulous dedication and sight for the people's hearts. She is making a notable impact on the many lives of our community.
With this tremendous responsibility, Brenda still captures the time to genuinely interact with her staff, their families, and the community of diverse people she serves. She leads and collaborates with others for the overall wellness of the community. Brenda Bradley is highly commendable. She is the one you embrace when you want the job done. Brenda Bradley is that compass!
Knowledge of tax laws and regulations, financial management expertise, leadership and management skills, communication and public relations abilities, and technology proficiency denote Brenda Bradley of Indian River County. It is my pleasure to have her as a friend and tenacious leader.

- Candace Star

I have been working with Ms. Bradley since early 2022 at HOPE IMAGING, a privately owned and bustling diagnostic imaging center in Vero Beach, for which Ms. Bradley is our administrator.  She has single-handedly, in a very short time, completely turned the imaging center around to what it is today. She has a wonderful work ethic, is organized, motivated, very open-minded, approachable, firm in her actions as a leader, and fair at the same time. She is willing to work with people out of the goodness of her heart because that is genuinely who she is. Working with her has honestly been an absolute pleasure. I have the utmost respect for her personally and as my administrator. She is the right choice, for the right reasons, to be our next Tax Collector!

Matthew Barnes 

Why I Am Running

Many have asked why I want to return to the Tax Collector's Office. Over my many years of professional service to our community, I have been blessed with opportunities in many capacities, from being a board member, member, and officer of several non-profit organizations, fundraising volunteer, President of the oldest Rotary Club in Indian River, and currently working as an Executive in the private sector.  While the private sector has many advantages, I miss serving our community in a larger capacity. I know I can make the office more efficient and more accessible for your needs and save you taxpayer money!

Having worked 14 years at the Tax Collector's office, serving as the Chief of Staff for the last five years, I can step into the Tax Collector's position on day one without learning the job.


I am currently the Administrator of a local Radiology/Imaging Center. I earned this opportunity because of my work ethic, professional background, and executive-level management experience. As an executive of a multi-million dollar business, I have substantial experience that makes me even more qualified to be your next Tax Collector!


I am a lifelong resident and passionate about serving our community. I want to return accountability, ethics, and fiscal responsibility to your Tax Collector's office. 

Most Importantly, I will OPEN ALL the offices to serve you at your convenience. NO MORE APPOINTMENTS REQUIRED to get into YOUR offices; there is a much more effective way to do this, and I have the answer!

My commitment to you is that I will serve ALL four years once elected.  It's time for a new face, fresh ideas, and leadership who leads by service above self!

Community Support

"I am a veteran USMC. The Marines pride themselves in small team leadership and attention to details, Gung-ho ..... I have worked with many people and have seldom witnessed in professionals a consistent work ethic, attention to detail, enthusiasm and love of people that I admire in Brenda Bradley. Today, more than ever, integrity, decisiveness, courage, tact — qualities and traits that Brenda demonstrates daily — are the substance that our leaders like her should embrace." 

-Louie Sutton

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