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Until this horrible pandemic passes, our primary focus is on the health and safety of our loved ones and friends.


It goes without saying that an election is that last thing on anyone's mind during this time! 

The Primary Election is August 18, and will be here before you know it.


In order to make sure important need to know facts are available to you, I will utilize my website and facebook page to keep you up to date & informed so that you can make the right choice when you Vote!


Please visit my website page "The Facts You Should Know" to learn why a change of leadership is much needed in the Tax Collector's office.  This is a "fluid" page and will continue to be updated on a weekly basis. So, keep checking back! 

Please share my website and facebook page with your friends, our community needs to know about these important facts!

Be safe and stay well!  


                   Brenda Bradley 


"I am endorsing Brenda Bradley for Indian River Tax Collector.  I have known Brenda from her service to several organizations.  She is extremely organized and a tireless worker.  I am convinced that she will lead the office of tax collector with a commitment to service to our county.  She is never self serving and is conscientious and conservative of our tax dollars.  I hope that you will join me in voting for Brenda Bradley for Tax Collector." - ROSE SPYTEK


"Having worked with Brenda while she was the Chief of Staff for the Tax Collector's office, I can assure you it was she who quietly and efficiently got things done on behalf of the Tax Collector. She knows the staff, the politics, and the details of the operation." -     STEPHEN DORRANCE

"Mrs. Bradley is a wonderful, caring person. She has a heart of gold. She has integrity. She has ethics. I believe with all my heart that anyone who votes for Brenda in the 2020 election will not be disappointed. Make the right decision and vote Brenda Bradley for tax collector!" - JERALD SMITH

"I am a veteran USMC. The Marines pride themselves in small team leadership and attention to details, Gung-ho ..... I have worked with many people and have seldom witnessed in professionals a consistent work ethic, attention to detail, enthusiasm and love of people that I admire in Brenda Bradley. Today, more than ever, integrity, decisiveness, courage, tact — qualities and traits that Brenda demonstrates daily — are the substance that our leaders like her should embrace."  LOUIE SUTTON 

"Please vote for Brenda Bradley for Tax Collector.  Brenda has the financial and operational background to do the job.  She will bring integrity and responsibility to the job.  Brenda has shown strong moral and ethical principles.  I have worked with Brenda on many charitable events where she has shown leadership and the ability to work compatibly with all members of the committees. Brenda would treat her staff with respect and congeniality.  She is a tireless worker with a big heart.

Vote Brenda Bradley for Tax Collector!"  -  


"I have known Brenda Bradley first as the Chief of Staff of the IR County Tax Collector's office and as a passionate volunteer in Indian River County.  As a retired bureau chief for Florida USA Today, I spent nearly 20 years writing investigative stories and editorials on Florida politicians.  Brenda is not a smooth talking politician that takes credit for the success of others;  Brenda is the real deal.  She is the better qualified candidate with a better temperament and management style that is greatly needed in our local tax collector's office. 

As a banker experienced in financial audits, I am convinced she will be much more frugal and accountable in managing expenses in this office. 

I fully support BRENDA BRADLEY for Indian River County Tax Collector without hesitation."