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Questionable Ethics & Wasting YOUR Taxpayer Money


This is a very popular political tactic among most career politicians. It is name recognition by political branding. Unfortunately, we, the taxpayers, pay a huge price when the elected official leaves office.  Everything branded with their name must be discarded, and new inventory must be ordered. The cost may vary from $30,000 to $40,000 and could happen every four-year election cycle!  Although this practice is not illegal, legislation should be passed to stop this self-serving agenda!


The previous Tax Collector did not brand the office.  The current Tax Collector replaced the "Indian River County Tax Collector" name with her name on all material and signage.

Once elected as your next Tax Collector, the branding stops.  All inventory will be replaced with the name of the Indian River County Tax Collector. My name will only appear on that which can be digitally removed with a keystroke and at no cost to the taxpayer, i.e., the website, and the Tax Collector's business cards will be the only item to replace!

The pictures below are just some of the materials bearing the current Tax Collector's name, which must be replaced.  Many more stamps, signages, and other stationary items are not shown here.

InkedIMG_4792 (1)_LI.jpg
InkedIMG_4788 (1)_LI.jpg
InkedIMG_4805 (1)_LI.jpg
InkedIMG_4800 (1)_LI.jpg
InkedIMG_4779 (1)_LI.jpg
InkedIMG_4804 (1)_LI.jpg
InkedIMG_4785 (2)_LI.jpg
InkedIMG_4787 (3)_LI.jpg
InkedIMG_4793 (1)_LI.jpg
Inkedconcealed envelope_LI.jpg
InkedIMG_4802 (1)_LI.jpg
InkedIMG_4790 (1)_LI.jpg
InkedIMG_4808 (1)_LI.jpg
InkedIMG_4795 (1)_LI.jpg
InkedIMG_4783 (1)_LI.jpg
comment card.jpg
IMG_4810 (3).jpg
InkedIMG_4807 (1)_LI.jpg
InkedIMG_4781 (1)_LI.jpg

Even the office doors have the Tax Collector's name stenciled on them $$$$!!!


Business cards - front

Inkedbus card_LI.jpg

Business cards - back

IMG_4811 (1).jpg

Was it necessary to include individual name also instead of just “Tax Collector, Indian River County" on the bank checks? Now all bank account checks must be replaced!

For your information: Neither Florida law nor statutes require you to write your check to the tax collector's name.  Your checks can be made payable to Indian River County Tax Collector and will be accepted!



The current Tax Collector received $3,500 in campaign contributions from the Tax Software Company in which the Tax Collector's office is contracted to do business with.

 This is a question of ethics!  Grant Street Groups, Inc. provides an amazing software product that has streamlined the Tax Collector's office in many ways.  This is not intended to negatively affect the company or individuals who made these contributions.  The Tax Collector should have refused. 

Where are the ethics?

As your next Tax Collector, I would never ask for campaign contributions from any vendor contracted with the Tax Collector's office.

The Tax Collector uses $24,200+ of your taxpayer money for promotional office advertising.  Also, the Tax Collector is projected to exceed the approved $24,200 budget! 


Why is the Tax Collector's office paying for promotional advertising?  All the information you need about the Tax Collector's office is on the office website and Facebook.  No previous Tax Collector ever used taxpayer money to promote the office as wastefully as this.  


Has the current Tax Collector spent this amount on promotional advertising in off-election years 2017, 2018, and 2019? Or is it simply an extension of her campaign?

        $24,200 could be paying for the salary of another frontline clerk!


I filed to run for Tax Collector on January 4, 2018. 

The following month, two (2) newly-created salaried positions were put into place at the Tax Collector's office with combined salaries of $77,851


Web & Graphics Specialist  AND  Public Affairs Administrator


Having worked in the tax office for 14 years, I can confidently say that neither of these positions is warranted.


Were these positions also created as simply an extension of her campaign?

Any website or graphics work could be contracted out, rather than taxpayer money spent on the cost of a full-time salaried position with retirement and benefits.  

To create a position such as a "Public Affairs Administrator," whose primary responsibility is to manage the office Facebook page and promote Kids Tag Art (a 501C3 non-profit organization), is unnecessary. The job description was not communicated very well.  


Since February 2018, four (4) different individuals have held this position.  The first was demoted within months, the next two resigned, the current employee was re-hired back to the tax office.  This current employee is in DROP (FL retirement program) and must retire in less than five years.  

Do either of these positions even meet the Department of Labor exemption status criteria for a salaried employee, such as being able to hire/fire, supervise other employees, and make independent decisions? 

The Tax Collector allows the Finance Director to work from home one or two days a week.  This senior management employee also owns two active businesses on the side.  Why is the Tax Collector allowing her to also conduct her personal business at work on your taxpayer dime as well?

Inked2020-04-24 (3)_LI.jpg
2020-04-24 (43)_LI.jpg
Inked2020-04-24 (27)_LI.jpg
Inked2020-04-24 (24)_LI.jpg
2020-04-24 (40)_LI.jpg
2020-04-24 (39)_LI.jpg
Facebook live with Tax Collector 4-22-20Artist Name
00:00 / 00:18

click arrow below to play

2020-04-24 (41)_LI.jpg
Inked2020-04-24 (30)_LI.jpg

On April 22, the Tax Collector was participating in a Facebook "live" video.  In the video she walks by the finance director's office, calls her by name and says they are busy busy! Around the time of the live video you can see car sales being posted on the Finance Director's personal Facebook page.  There are more posts on other days during working hours.  

2020-04-25 (2)_LI.jpg
Inked2020-04-24 (29)_LI.jpg
Image by yang wewe

The Tax Collector is not permitted to use the Tax Collector's office in ANY capacity for campaigning.  After filing to run in November 2019, the Tax Collector is now a candidate and must qualify to get on the ballot. 


The pictures below were taken at a Downtown Friday event.  The Tax Collector was representing the office with Tax Collector employees and office banners while getting her candidate petitions completed.  Where are the ethics?

Tax Collector Employees

InkedIMG_4195 (3)_LI.jpg

Tax Collector

InkedIMG_4197 (5)_LI.jpg

Candidate petitions

Note: When the Tax Collector realized pictures were being taken of this, they quickly removed the petitions.  They were put back later that evening.


UPDATE: 2021- The Tax Collector settled with this employee for an undisclosed amount rather than going to court!

The first question should be...   How did it get this far?
What an embarrassment to our County!

2020-04-25 (9).png

 Click below to watch 

This EEOC complaint is still open and nearing the time for ruling. 


If in fact other employees are speaking out or coming forward to share their experiences of how they were and are being treated by senior management in the Tax Collector's office, the financial  impact for our community could be astronomical!


No previous Tax Collector has ever had discrimination lawsuits filed against them. 

If this incident happened as described, the supervisor should have been terminated immediately upon a fair proven investigation. At the very least, the supervisor should have been demoted and reprimanded with a very extensive probation period. The aggrieved employee should have also received an apology from this supervisor and the Tax Collector.  Although management cannot control employees' actions, everyone, including management, is accountable for their actions.

When employees see that Leadership takes immediate action towards discrimination, bullying, etc., employees will feel represented, valued and appreciated and are less likely to go to the extreme of filing lawsuits.

The current Tax Collector does not have an experienced HR professional employed in the tax office.  The HR Coordinator, a 6+ year employee, walked out recently because of the unfair and discriminatory treatment of staff.

 of bullying by management.

This was the 104th employee to leave under the current administration in 11 years! 

2020-04-25 (14).png
2020-04-25 (16).png
2020-04-25 (18).png

Questionable Salaries...


How is an executive assistant's salary of $87,769 warranted for a local county government administrative office?

This executive assistant is also getting "Senior Management benefits"!

What is more concerning is that it's even higher than the Director of I.T. & Facilities.

The I.T. Director is one of the most important jobs in the office, second to the Finance Director!

Even the Director of Motor Services & CWL Operations, who has the frontline operational responsibility of the employees and four offices, is making less!

More Wasteful Spending

office supplies.jpg

     Why was $1,492 of Taxpayer money used to pay for a mural, purchase the paint and provide scaffolding for the Sebastian office? 

    Why is this Vendor entered under "General Supplies"?

    Why are the General Supplies already over the approved $9,400 budget and the Tax Collector is expected to spend $3,500 more? 

      Were any of the local Art Clubs contacted for this project?  Considering this is in Sebastian, the Sebastian Art Club would have done it at no cost to the taxpayer, just as they painted the mural at the Sebastian Community Center to bring awareness to their club.


 This is not intended to offend the talented artist who completed the mural. You cannot run a government office financially, the same as the private sector. 




Annotation 2020-04-26 163003.png

    This is the taxpayers' money being spent!   

I assure you, none of this will happen on my watch! VOTE BRADLEY 2024! 

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