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After 2020 Election

After the Election...

August 18, 2020 Election Day...


August 17, 2020...


My information is backed up by public record requests from the Tax Collector's office and pictures I have personally taken. We all know, including me, that Indian River County voters do not like mudslinging and dirty campaigns.

Let me say everything I have put out there were facts, some very ugly, and even hard to think that a person we entrusted and put in this elected office would be capable of highly wasteful spending and unethical practices at the cost of over $2,000,000 to you the taxpayer and the mental health of over 105 employees who left under her administration.

So, let's do the fact-checking on the media and my opponent....

1- TCPalm reports that the cost of running the office has increased by less than 1% in the last three years.

FALSE- the budget increased 19% to $730,400 in 3 years! Were they provided inaccurate information from the Tax Collector's office?

2- TCPalm reports I gave my opponent an A for serving customers.

FALSE - This was a no-win question for me. My "A" grade was for the employees who provided excellent customer service. Had I graded that any lower, it would have been unfair to the employees.

3- TCPalm reports that my opponent helps with newer services such as concealed carry licenses.

FALSE - Concealed carry license processing was taken on in the tax office in 2014, and I, as Chief of Staff, was responsible for overseeing the project and designing the layout of the CCW room at the main office.

4- TCPalm reports that regardless of anything going on behind the scenes, my opponent deserves four more years.

FALSE - Everything going on behind the scenes costs taxpayers a fortune and is precisely why we can't afford four more years of the current administration!

5- 32963 reports that the EEOC Discrimination case filed by an ex-employee is now closed because there was insufficient evidence to proceed.

FALSE - The case is NOT closed, and the employee is pursuing her lawsuit.

6- My opponent reports that it was her honor to have returned over $31M to Indian River County

FALSE - The Tax Collector position is that of an Administrator. The office is fee-based and is an agent for the state. The money being returned is a percentage of the fees collected, and it is her job to return them! She did not raise any money or go out of her way to find money to give back to the county. This is very misleading to you, the voter!

7- My Opponent has an ad running on the radio stating that if you value your 2nd amendment right and want to protect yourself and your family, you must vote for her.

FALSE - The Tax Collector's office has nothing to do with your 2nd amendment right! This is a horrible fear tactic. I will continue to process Concealed carry applications as your next tax collector.

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County owned vehicle wrapped with non-profit logo... how is that legal?

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